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Wrapped Designs

Attaching the crystals, pearls or gemstones to the main shape of a jewellery design by wrapping them with an extra layer of wire creates a unique effect, often resulting in a train of beads that “follow” each other. Wrapping wire around itself can also lead to intricate designs, that look as though they have been “woven.”
These are silver plated earrings with five ivory glass pearls each, four of which are 4mm in diameter and the fifth is 6mm in diameter. The main drop segment is approx 40mm in length and approx 8mm in width (at the widest point).
Earrings from £11.00
Pictured are gold plated hoop earrings wrapped with 12 dark blue freshwater pearls each. The main drop segment is approx 45mm in length and approx 38mm in width (at the widest point). The freshwater pearls are approx 4mm each in diameter.
Earrings from £11.00