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Welcome to my bespoke hand-made jewellery site. Based in the UK, I concentrate my efforts on the wirework side, and therefore all of the designs you see here are based around wire patterns together with crystals, faux pearls or semi-precious gemstones. All of the links, fastenings and beadwork that you see in each piece have been hand crafted. This website has been created so that you can purchase a piece of unique jewellery, personalised to your colours and taste, using just a few clicks.
It is impossible to list all the possible options in the menus on the individual jewellery pages, so I will make certain assumptions if nothing is specified to the contrary. (I’ve tried to ensure I cover those assumptions in the text that accompanies each design.) If there is a certain style that you’d like adapted, let me know and I’ll let you know whether it’s possible to adapt it to your needs.


I will always do my best to source whichever beads or gemstones you specify or describe. Prices will vary depending on materials used (sterling silver items are more expensive than silver plated items, for example). Prices will also vary depending on the complexity of the pattern and the time it would take me to complete the piece as individual items depend on individual requirements. I am also willing to attempt any design ideas that are sent to me (assuming they fall within my scope of expertise).


If you need an explanation of the differences between the materials on offer in the jewellery sections, please visit my Materials Guide for a point of reference on materials when making your selections. Gemstone Zone concentrates on describing a selection of semi-precious gemstones, each of which are included in the price when ordering from the menus if desired. Please understand that any gemstones that are not featured on this page may attract a premium. So if you’re not sure about the cost of a piece with a particular gemstone, it’s best to contact me directly for a quote before ordering.
Please feel free to have a browse or contact me with any questions.