Inner Fyre Bespoke Jewellery

Unique jewellery, made the way you want it.


Here you will find a mixed collection of jewellery. Often these pieces started as one idea, and by the time they were completed, had morphed into a design that was different from originally intended! Once each item was made, it did not seem to quite fit into any obvious categories listed. So they have been collated here as individual anomalies.
These earrings each contain twelve 6mm crystals, pearls or gemstones, arranged in a cluster to resemble a boysenberry. The drop length is approx 30mm and each earring measures approximately 18mm at its widest point.
Earrings from £12.00
These earrings have a 15mm glass bead adorned with a small scroll, which hangs from a 4mm crystal, pearl or gemstone that is penned between two Tibetan spacers. The drop length of the earring is approx 35mm and the width is approx 15mm (at the widest point).
Earrings from £9.00
I called this design "Libra" because it reminded me of the Zodiac sign for the scales. The earrings are finished with two beads each. The main drop segment is approx 33mm in length and approx 12mm in width (at the widest point). The beads are approx 4mm each in diameter.
Earrings from £8.00