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Celtic Cross (CEL02)

This design is based on the familiar Celtic cross. The earrings are finished with one 6mm crystal, gemstone or pearl. The main drop segment is approx 23mm in length and approx 10mm in width (at the widest point).
Placing an Order
Select the items you’d like in this style from the options list below, along with the type of metal and bead. The price will not be shown until all of these options have been selected. Don’t forget to enter a bead colour (and any other relevant information) in the text box provided, and if you also request a particular shade I will do my best to match it for you. If you opt for a pendant, the pendant will look the same as one of the earrings displayed, with the earwire removed and replaced with a ring for the purpose of sliding onto a necklace. If you choose the (semi-precious) gemstone option, and you’d like a specific type to be sourced, please specify this in the same box. Otherwise I will assume that I am able to use my discretion with regard to the type of gemstone to be used. For example, if you opt for a purple gemstone, then I am likely to choose amethyst, but this is not guaranteed unless you make it clear to me that you have a preference. If you select crystal from the options available, your earrings will be made with a faceted spherical crystal to try to maximise the light reflection. If you select faux pearls or gemstones, then this style will be made with spheres. If you have a preference for the crystal to be replaced with a crystal briolette (squashed sphere), please indicate this in the box provided.
Quotes / Ordering
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Type of bead
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